Painful to watch…

When I heard that George Carlin was going to have another HBO special, I was definitely looking forward to it. What can I say, his brand of humor always cracked me up.

Well folks, the first part of his LIVE rant covered suicide. Personally I think…well, I think he should try it. Seriously. Coming from a guy who’s been there, I know the healing power of suicide.

It’s not that he’s lost his humor, no some of his jokes still evoke a chuckle… But he’s old, tired, and haggardly. Most of his jokes can be described the same way.

Best way to put it, he’s not just past his prime, his prime has been lapped, Hendrick Motorsports style. This guy showed up to the race and forgot his car.

In all seriousness, watching him perform is depressing. I recommend 1 of 2 things for ‘ol George… Take up a pen and start writing Op Ed’s in the New York Times or eat a bullet. Both will have a punch line worth a good laugh…at least the latter will be more entertaining then this HBO special.

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  1. matt says:

    i caught the second have of the show just before the suicide skit i thought the whole thing was funny as hell

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