Reality is unavoidable…

Back before the War started, France and Germany took the Socialist high ground and opposed the war. While France opposed it on the basis that ties to Iraq’s weapons programs as well as the eventual oil-for-food scam would be discovered… Germany just joined up because their Chancellor was a moron.

Now with attacks all over Europe, it’s become obvious to anyone with a brain that appeasement doesn’t work. Spain backed out and was attacked, France opposed us and is now pioneering the grilled Brie sandwich as a majority of their Muslim population burns the country down. I guess after 60+ years they needed one more reminder of just how well appeasement works.

Well here is to the hope that Germany’s new leaders have some common sense and decide to take the fight to the real infidels…radical Islam.

New German Gov’t Aims to Mend Ties With U.S.

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