Farewell to a friend… RIP, Big Show.

It’s not too often in this life that I meet a person who I look up to and respect from the moment I earn the great honor of working with them and calling them a friend.

Gene Lawrence was one of those guys. His friends called him the ‘Big Show’ and everything about the guy was big. His heart, his talent, and the amount of respect I will always have for him.

I first met him when I was 18, and took a computer tech job at the local library system. He had been promoted, and I filled his place. I actually did that twice, following in the footsteps of an absolutely awesome person.

I will always remember the friendship and working relationship I had with him, and cherish the valuable lessons I learned which still guide me to this day.

God Bless You, Gene, and your family.

Heaven’s got a one heck of a badass on its hands now.


His angel rode along on the final trip home

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