Angel Season 5 Episode 14 – Smile Time

So every morning at around 6am, I wake up, get my cup of coffee from the Mr.Coffee, then park my tail on the couch as the medication kicks in allowing me to walk without screaming. I flick on the TV, and I watch 2 episodes of season 5 from the series Angel. This morning, I have to admit that I saw the best written, best performed, and most hysterical episode of Angel I’ve seen in my life. The episode is called “Smile Time” and I don’t need to explain much beyond the following pic:

Demons on a puppet show, turn Angel into a puppet, and here I am, sun barely up, in tears laughing so hard.

Video clip courtesy of YouTube:

Course, they brought back my favorite character, Nina the Werewolf in that episode. Didn’t care much about the Werewolf’s in Buffy or Angel before, but there’s a big difference between Seth Green and Jenny Mollen.

Any easier on the eyes and it’d be considered cheating.

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