I never get tailgaters.  This morning on the way in, I had a lovely woman in a green Chevy minivan who was tailgating the car behind me, then when that car pulled off, proceeded to tailgate me.  I stopped abruptly at the first stop sign we came to, hoping she’d get it… nope.  So then I proceeded to wash my windshield.

Wow.  You would have thought I hit the Knight Rider emergency brake, she backed off by about 6 carlengths.

So we continue down the road, and as we near the school zone and I slow – she gets on my bumper again… not realizing by the 3 carlengths I have between the Audi ahead of me that I’m not that sort of driver… So this time I clean my rear window.  Again, she brake checks and drops 6 carlengths back.

Maybe you could just… not tailgate?

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