Best $2 I’ve spent so far…

So STEAM still has that absurd sale going on till the 4th, I picked up Flatout Ultimate Carnage the other night for $2. First problem I encountered is that STEAM discovered the hard way that when you price a good game at $2, it sells fast… so fast in fact that they ran out of licenses. Simple enough fix, went over to and downloaded the crack. The game is surprisingly good, they’ve got a derby mode, a racing mode, and a street mode. So far the only one I’m not too thrilled with is the street mode, but that might just be my car selection too. Ended up running a trainer so I could try out a few vehicles without being stuck with one I didn’t like, but no matter what I’m driving, the fully destructable environment, decent physics, and top notch graphics (I think they may have used the same engine as Burnout) – made it a fantastic purchase. If you’re a gamer and haven’t tried STEAM yet, what are you waiting for?

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