I’ve gotten hooked on Mercenaries. I was debating whether or not to buy it, then realized I’m going to buy it eventually, might as well be now. Best short description of the game, take Grand Theft Auto, cross it with Red Faction 2, and it’s on. Essentially, a military coup has overtaken North Korea, and factions from China, North Korea, the Allies, and the Russian Mafia are all looking for a piece of the action. You play the part of a mercenary (3 different characters with unique qualities) and basically get paid to blow shit up. There is a ton of strategy involved, and as everything can be blown up, why try to pick off a sniper in a tower when you can just take down the tower with C4? One mission had me assassinating 3 Russian Mafia Capo’s, only catch was I had to pick them off so they didn’t see me, if they did no more work from the Russians. The game is tons of fun, with an abundant amount of vehicles, weapons, and environments. Definitely worth $50. The other game which I haven’t played since I picked up Mercenaries is Burnout 3: Takedown. From the folks at EA is a racing game where your goal is still to win the race, but you get bonus points for forcing other vehicles to wreck. The graphics and gameplay are top notch, I’ll have to play it for more than a half hour before I give any more opinions.
Went to get my oil changed and tires rotated today at Sureskys, as I was leaving some kid who works there comes up and asks if my car has a 5.9 in it (360CID V8) because it was an R/T. I responded that it was the 3.5 Police Package. “Oh, well thats almost as fast as mine then.”
“What do you have?”
“AWD Turbo”
“Oh, the red Plymouth Laser?”
“You need to learn how the fuck to drive.”
“I’ve almost driven you off the road twice because you get onto 17A and drive like an asshole.”
“When did that happen?” (he’s acting dumb now)
“About 2 months ago at least, at least 3 times I was getting onto 17A and nearly had to ditch because you came up on me so fast…”
The idiot eventually turned away and walked off. Sorry folks, but if you are driving a car that unique, and leaving the same dealership as me, I’m fairly fucking certain that it is YOU who needs to learn how the fuck to drive. Too many times I was trying to drive from the dealership or my office to get lunch, and had to deal with this asshole who thought it was fucking raceday. If it came down to it, my 3500lb sedan would flatten his 2200lb coupe, no question. Perfect way to waste a nice car…jackass. Lastly, don’t ask if a car has a fucking 5.9 if there is a badge on the back that says 3.5!
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