Ow…my FEET!

I’m definitely progressing in the whole dancing thing… Got a few moves I’m ready to patent…haha. Went to QXT’s for the Anti-Valentines Day Decadance night… Went VERY well, I had considered leaving at about Midnight, but then oddly enough I saw some ridiculously dressed 40 year old in a Michael Jackson “Bad” jacket jumping around like an idiot, and nearly slamming to this one girl several times… So I work my way over, put myself between the idiot, the girl, and her friend, and then say to her friend “HEY, WATCH THIS!” as I proceed to slam my shoulders into the guy mosh-pit style. He got the hint in short order and moved on… One of his friends then moved in and got the same treatment. I tell ya, dancing is dangerous! On the way there I had a run-in with some jackass who thought his Saturn was fast, and as he couldn’t get past me, proceeded to tailgate me. So I threw it into the next lane, slammed on the brakes, and hooked in behind him. I kept up for a bit but eventually hung a couple hundred feet back. Tell ya, if you don’t have a fast car, don’t get pissed when someone proves it. Conveniently enough, a moment or two after I backed off a NJ State Trooper came tearing by. Dunno if he saw the thing but he didn’t pull either of us over, good thing, my speedo kinda got pegged… :).

Decided to kick things up a bit with the outfit as well, picked up a new belt and shirt at Hot Topic, and ran into someone who I had seen on MySpace only once during a browse-session. That was pretty damned cool, my life has taken a fairly spur of the moment turn as of late, and I’m definitely not going to complain about some spontenaiety one bit. Might complain about my ability to spell at 5am however.

On that note, I’m going to bed. Call me before Noon and die.

Doom song…doom doo doom doom doooooooom

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