That dream has left me…

Your first mistake was thinking you knew me
Your last mistake was forgetting the first
Catching whispers in the chaos you left
Relentless, they always make it back home.
Within whist torture, longing for those eyes
No words subsist to draw your gaze to mine
As your smile fades when you see me staring
A simple truth realized, and I let go

I break away from the mold you left me
Tearing myself to bitter shreds of black
I come alive in the flickering light
Discovering freedom beyond your bounds

A lost pair of eyes calls me from the crowd
A ray of light seeks me through the cracked walls
Your foot at my door has left me speechless
So much time has passed between our questions

Who are we anymore, are we at all?
Time, distance, space, and freedom brought us here
Lives come full circle, building momentum
Shall we rise or fall, shine or fade away?

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