Water, Water Everywhere…

Well I’ve gotta say, that was probably the most nerve wracking yet exciting drive home from Newark yet. Nothing to do around here tonight, so I ran down to Newark for a bit. On the way there I ended up having to take a couple detours due to flooding… Had some aggrivation due to idiots who simply don’t know how to drive in mildly offensive weather… other than that, made it there in one piece.

So I head out around midnight and nearly get run into a K-Rail while pulling onto 280. As I’m merging over some jackass in a Taurus wagon is trying to stay ahead of me. Full throttle in a Dodge Intrepid R/T has a bit more kick than full throttle in a fucking Taurus wagon, so i was about halfway past him when he started moving INTO me. I seriously thought I was going to hit the K-Rail, but they either realized their mistake, or that I wasn’t going anywhere and backed off. Funny, last car to try and run me into a guardrail was another Ford, an Exploder driven by some jackass who didn’t know how to use a fucking sideview…anyhow. After that crap, I immediately hit a disgusting amount of fog from Newark pretty much to the point I hit route 94 outside of Hardyston. Any roads closed due to flooding weren’t ones I needed, so that wasn’t the big deal. Then as I get closer to home, roads I in fact DO need to get home are closed. I end up pulling off on 565 I think, and about 200 yards down the road there are a couple of flares. Looks like a stream has overflowed and the road is underwater. Now mind you, in all the rain I’ve seen today, I’ve hit some pretty big puddles, but this was essentially a river. So I did what any mature adult would do, I punched the gas and went for it. I tell ya, I must have put 10 feet of water up in the air on either side of the car. Shoulda thought of closing my moonroof before I did it… but I digress. So I make it through that, and continue my trek into NY. Another 200 yards down the road, another flooded river. Now while I could see across the first, I can’t see the end of this one, and I just get the feeling that I should turn around…which I do, and manage to make it home without sinking the car.

I tell ya, I’d been saying for awhile that I’d rather have rain than snow… I think I take it back. I can’t believe the amount of frikkin rain that has fallen over the past 24 hours.

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2 Responses to Water, Water Everywhere…

  1. titanium says:

    Guess those Aquatreds came in handy huh?

  2. Marlin says:

    Aquatreads? Nah. Michelin Hydro-Edge. Cost half as much as the Good Year’s and last twice as long.

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