Oh I can already tell this week will be fun…~sigh~

On my way in this morning, didn’t have to deal with much traffic thankfully. I just had ot make it ot the laundromat in time to get my laundry done same-day. A little irony, a few months back I bitched about some Jersey wench in a red Kia, who didn’t understand the concept of doing the speed limit, and got rather irate if anyone passed her… Well I’m where Pulaski meets 17A and there she is behind a white Buick Century, waving her arms and honking like a mad woman. Could it be she finally learned how to use her gas pedal? Maybe she’s just going through ‘the change.’ Anyhow, I make it to the laundromat and drop everything off… On my way in to the strip mall there was a Goshen Police car hanging out behind the building. When I left, it was gone. I get to the intersection and the right-turn green arrow is on, so I hit the turn signal, hang a right, then hit the left turn signal and hang a left into the left lane. At the intersection was the same unit…. Well I guess my number was up for some stupid reason, cos at the traffic light by Sorrentos I see him speeding towards my rearview. Going through the light, it almost looks like he wants to pass the car on the left to get behind me (still no lights). So I hit the left signal, turn into my office complex, hit another left signal to pull onto the main road and then one more left to park the car. I don’t even go to my usual spot, I just park the car. So the guy slows down, goes not all the way to the turnaround, but turns around at the 2nd set of buildings, then waits for me to get my stuff out of the car and go into my building before he drives back out of the complex. Reminds me of the story my friend told me about her husbands experience with Goshen Police… Apparently he lived up this way, hadn’t noticed the patrol car behind him during his drive from Pizza Hut to his house, and when he got out of the car and walked up to the front door the Office asked if he was trying to ‘ditch him.’ Mind you no emergency lights were on… I’m not one to bash the Police as every time I need them they’ve been there for me. It’s a tough job, I understand that… Still, when they act peculiar like this I can’t help but wonder what’s going through their heads. I could have understanded following me if I blatantly ran a red light, was speeding or driving wrecklessly, but I wasn’t doing anything of the sort.

Can I just have one good week for a change? Please?

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