Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make.

I had a good fucking day.

Yesterday I had just gotten out of the gym when I was greeted by voicemail. One of our email management servers was running real slow. I get there and run into the resident *nix guru who says that one of the DNS servers wasn’t responding. The machine in particular had a problem in the past where the NIC would fail intermittently, so I went in and tried to talk to it… no response. Nothing on the KVM either. I reboot the system, and it tries to boot off the LAN… and the hard disc is making some un Godly noises. Now this is a Domain Controller, in a Windows network if you only have 1 and it fails, you’re fucked. Thankfully I had 3. I re-tasked the roles between the other two DC’s, as well as redirected DNS and DHCP between two other boxes. It took about an hour to clean up. All in all, not a big deal.

Today I get into work fairly early, move a desk, and start hacking away at my projects. Then it strikes me… Star Wars is out. I check the listings, and pick up a $7 ticket off Fandango for the 12:20 show. 5 minutes before 12:20, I’m in the theater and watching some nifty previews. I tell ya, between the new Batman movie and the Fantastic Four, this looks to be like a memorable summer movie season. I get out of the movie around 2:40, enough time to make it back to the office and eat up the 3 hours of overtime I had… Course, I was starving at this point, I hadn’t eaten anything since my breakfast Slim Fast bar, and was likely going to have another one when I got back to hold me over until I get out of work for the day. I walk into the kitchen and well… THERE’S 8 PIZZAS SITTING THERE. Had a slice of sausage, pepperoni, and plain. Got home, had waffles for dinner, then just hung out by myself and played some games.

Tomorrow, I’m going to hit the gym, hit the bar, and hopefully – HOPEFULLY – have a good evening. It’s funny, for awhile I’ve been dropping lines onto a napkin, trying to write some poems from the mess… One line stuck with me, I already posted it once but I’ll post it again because right now it means something…

“When I’m angry an ounce of joy can move the mountains in my head”

I’ll have a review up of Star Wars Episode 3 soon. In short, go see it, it rules.

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