Hello Socialism, Another Victory for The Left. (what else can ya do when you keep losing elections)

When I first heard the news that the Supreme Court had deemed the right to ‘private property’ unconstitutional, I couldn’t believe it actually happened. Logically speaking, no individual in the entire United States of America owns private property anymore. It now belongs to the Government, hellooooooo Socialism!

But…how can the Government now own my property? Simple. Taxes. You pay ’em to live there. If someone else is willing to pay more, GOODBYE. For the longest time, the Government has relied on Eminent Domain to evict private citizens for public projects, roads, schools, police stations, etc… Only now, if a private developer steps in and wishes to say…build CONDOMINIUMS or a SHOPPING MALL in your area, and the local government approves, here is your check, say goodbye to your home.

I honestly see no point in purchasing a home as long as eminent domain in this form exists. I could move in tomorrow, and a day later be forced back out on the street by someone who is willing to provide more tax revenue to the government, plain and simple. Thus, I wouldn’t own my home, and even the sadistic prick who stole my house doesn’t own it as the government could push them out as well. On the same coin, why bother owning a business? I could find the perfect spot for a coffee shop, or even a brake shop, a store like Target could legally come in and with the local government on its side, put me out of business. Sure, they’d pay me what my site is worth, but its the principle of it. Why own anything when it can legally be taken away on the whim of some wealthy prick?

Kicker is, this is nothing new, only now the process has been greased by the American Bureau of Socialism otherwise known as the Supreme Court. Can there be any question now just why the American Left has worked so hard to keep Originalist judges off the bench? Is there any doubt as to the intentions of each Liberal obstructionist as they oppose each Bush nominee by proxy? They can’t win at the ballot box so they seize power by judicial fiat.

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5 Responses to Hello Socialism, Another Victory for The Left. (what else can ya do when you keep losing elections)

  1. Derek says:

    Being fair, though, this is a decision that has set off both the folks on the left AND the right. Nobody seems to agree with it except the five morons who decided the case.

  2. Marlin says:

    I haven’t really heard much from the Left. The Left should be just as outraged, but I highly doubt they’ll speak up until its too late (or they could garner a few votes). The Left see the Judiciary as their last hope for power, and that’s the fatal flaw as the Judiciary is above both houses and to an extent, beyond their reach.

    Downside to judicial fiat, even GW is powerless to veto this garbage. Only thing that could happen is an Originalist majority in the supreme court overturns the decision.

    With all the obstruction by the left via filibuster, likely the only way this will overturn is with some retirements (by the nitwits who supported the decision) and recess appointments of Originalist judges by Bush.

  3. Derek says:

    Oh horse-shit. Both the left and the right see the judiciary as something to manipulate for the purposes of power.

    You don’t see the outrage from the left by and large because you don’t listen to the left (because you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Republican). If you sit in the middle, like many people, you get to hear the griping from both sides of the aisle on it.

    An example:


    Believe me when I tell you that there *are* people on both sides of the aisle agreeing that the supreme court was way out of line on this one…

  4. Marlin says:

    Anytime I hear someone refer to “both the left and right” when trying to disprove a bias towards the left, I call horse-shit.

    I don’t see the outrage from the Left? Of course I do, I just ignore it when it actually comes up. Nancy Pelosi is decrying attempts to overturn the ruling, she’s the voice of the Left as far as “those in power” are concerned. Why the Hell should I care what they say? I can only take so much knee-jerking before I scream “enough” and change the channel.

    Why should I sit in the middle? I’m not a displaced Liberal. I’ll be a Conservative Republican regardless of who is in power. Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, Moderates, ENOUGH! They’re all the same as far as I am concerned.

    An article with a random Liberal blaming Republicans for something isn’t even close to proof of outrage on ‘both sides.’ Liberals now claim the decision is being “undermined” because Republicans are trying to scuttle the decision through the legislature. Sure, Democrats “express grave disapproval” for the court decision, but they won’t do a damned thing to stop it. It’s up to the Right Wing Conspiracy to actually strip the federal financial benefits to stealing someone’s home.

    I’m sure there must be people on both sides who think it was wrong, but the only side doing anything to correct it is the Right…and we’ll keep winning elections because of it.

    Now with Justice O’Connor retiring, what party is going to work to stop an Originalist judge from joining the Supreme Court? Sure as Hell won’t be the Republicans. I pray I’m wrong but I’m fairly certain the Liberals in Congress will advise through filibuster and deny consent by a simple up or down vote, while praying to their God (the courts) that in 2008 another Leftist will be President so they can continue packing the courts with activists.

    House vote limits eminent domain
    US House lashes out at high court property ruling

  5. Mi says:

    Well, see, the leftists can’t go about DOING anything about it because they’d be too busy going around blaming. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this actually, but I’m sure I know the response. “Oh, sure there’s private property. For the rich. George Bush…blah blah blah.” The land our house is being built on was private property. And now it’s Rob’s property. Can I see them getting behind this decision when it means our brand new 550K house could be yanked out from under us? No. But do I think they’d do anything but aim blame straight where it doesn’t even stem from? Mmhmm. This is why I just stay out of politics. Somewhere along the line, the people just got left behind.

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