Another day…

Well it turned out that Sears ordered the wrong part for my car. I’m going to take a wild guess that they ordered the bushings for a non-R/T Intrepid (which doesn’t have the same suspension components as the 300M). Apparently the sleeve on the bushing was too small and wouldn’t fit over the bolts on the steering gear. I took the morning off in the hopes they’d have it fixed, I may end up having to take a V-Day today if they don’t have it done by lunch. Bah. Real kicker is I was just walking into the mall when they called to say they would need the car overnight. I miss my Dodge… ~sniff~

On the upside, the insurance thing appears to be sorting itself out. Apparently Oxford likes to deny all claims on the first attempt… I’m going to stay on this though, I do not need to deal with the bills for my friggin surgery.

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