…and people are suprised?

Just caught wind of this story via Michelle Malkin regarding the apparent “crashing” of a Marine funeral by PA’s Moonbat Lieutenant Governor.

Picture this… Family, Marines, local Police, all there to celebrate and remember the life of a brave Marine who was killed in Iraq… In comes the LG of PA, who sits beside a family member, hands them her card, and says “our Government” is against the war.

Right-wingers are all calling for an explanation, for an apology…I say we take a different page from the Liberal playbook…Tolerance.

Lets tolerate the stupidity. Decry it, but tolerate it. Every time a Liberal decides to take a stand they usually end up eating the microphone and losing elections. The more they do it to support the extremist base which supports them, the less support they get from everyone else…. “Everyone Else” being the majority which keeps putting Conservatives in office. Don’t waste time trying to get an explanation or an apology, that’s another Liberal trick which only works in hand with the media.

I wasn’t suprised when I read the report, I don’t see how anyone should be. It’s just another sign of the Left’s desperation as well as proof that all the happy little Libs got their votes worth.

Lt. gov. crashed Marine’s funeral, kin say

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