Sometimes driving back to the office is fun. I had to pick up a laptop that was out for repair today, so on the way back to the cube I’m stopped at the traffic light in front of Suresky’s. The road ahead is a 2 to 1 merge that is common for we few, we merry few, we band of stop-light bandits. So I see the Jeep next to me and shut off the A/C. It’s a 4.0l Wrangler so I know they’re light and torquey, should be fun. Light turns green and we both nail it, I’m pulling on him right away, the Jeep bucks violently as he hits the top of his range (mistake) and nails 2nd gear. I’m still pulling on him and he finally gives up after I’ve completely passed him. All the torque on those things is down low, he may have given me a better run by shifting a wee bit earlier into 2nd gear. Putz. Can’t wait to play when I finally install my Cold Air Intake this week… 🙂

Then I just slow down, apply my turn signal, and pull into the office.

Boy, don’t ya feel dumb now!

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