Ok, lets just say this weekend blew.

Well I’ve officially written off this past weekend. Between several consecutive cases of bad timing and other stress, I was more than happy to be back behind a desk today.

Took a few minutes today and made my car payment over the phone to Volkswagen, was pretty easy to do. I prefer online payment but right now that’s not an option. I did do some math and came to the conclusion that in 2 years or $8,000 I’ll be buying out my lease with another 4 year loan. That way I’ll be making the same exact payments, but it’ll be for a car I own.

Ran into another GTI owner the other day who was raving about the performance upgrade. I’d love to check it out if not for the whole warranty voiding aspect of it… I heard a rumor that VW offers their own performance upgrades which don’t void the warranty. I may check those out. Either way, the car is capable of more, and while I’m thrilled with the performance at this point, who knows I may just want to bump it up a few ticks in the future. Good to know its just a laptop away.

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