Ok, what the fuck?

So last night I’m driving home from the mall, when I turn to get onto Route 23 there’s an older Jetta in front of me with a couple of kids in it. I pull out into the passing lane and get on the gas. So they proceed to try to keep up with me. I blew their doors off, but slowed once my needle got to around 80mph. I guess they figured they couldn’t get past me, but whatever. I saw no need at this point to do what they did. We get to Canistear road, I go under the train trestle, and then they proceed to stay no more than 1 car length off my rear bumper the entire time with their high beams on. On top of it, I was stuck behind 2 other cars. What the fuck? Why are the VW drivers I actually run into on the road such assholes? Were they pissed because their car is old and slow? I hadn’t set out to prove anything when the drive started, but these guys seriously pissed me off.

So we get up by Ames Rd, I pull off real quick and then back on, right behind them. At this point the kid in the rear of the car keeps looking at me. Not sure what exactly for, be he keeps looking at me. I stay no more than 1 car length off their rear bumper until they pull off somewhere by the Highland Lakes security office. Funny, once I was behind them they didn’t try to speed. They didn’t try to get away; they were the good little drivers.

Maybe they’ll think twice the next time someone has the audacity to pass their piece of shit red Jetta with a fart tip… But I doubt it.

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