Roof is still leaking. Won’t sleep in my own bedroom tonight AGAIN. Hooray for another night on the futon. Doesn’t help the whole sleeping thing if I’m out cold and Real Sex comes on HBO. That’ll give ya some interesting dreams.

Stopped by Mountain Creek. Should have bought a condo years ago. I’m kicking myself now every time I think about a friend who picked up a real nice one for like $80K, now $130K gets a studio. Riiiiight. I saw their version of a studio apartment. It’s a little bigger than my living room. I have a small fucking living room. The guy seemed more interested in getting me to rent, not really discussing that I want to buy. Even coming up with some “1 percent rule” as far as how much it’ll cost me per month to actually own a place… mortgage plus utils, etc… Did a little looking around and I can’t believe that a 150K mortage is gonna cost me $1500 a month. I’ll definitely have to look around a bit once I get a pre-approval, as after the past 3 years if I can avoid renting, I most happily will. While there we discussed one of his clients who was buying a condo to rent out, likely asking $850 a month, another studio but apparently bigger than the last one.

This won’t be easy, but God willing next year I’ll be owning my own home.

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