An Update from The Bat Cave

So on Friday night at about 8:30 I found myself in the care of the fine folks over at St.Anthony’s Hospital in Warwick, managed to break the metacarpal in my right hand. Spent the weekend bandaged up, had it set on Monday and hopefully it will be healed in about a month.

Been nearly 2 weeks since I have hung out with any of my friends, girlfriend excluded of course… Not sure if I’ve vanished or they have, I’ve spoken to a few but for the most part I’m starting to feel like a ghost here… Plans get changed, calls never get returned, etc… I should be used to the outcast role by now I guess. If anyone needs me, I’m the guy in the dank apartment with the 5lb cast on his hand.

My bro’s band will be playing on Saturday evening at GW’s in Chester with Replica, all are invited and encouraged to join the party, it’s always an wild time.

Hand hurts, that’s it for today, later folks.

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