House of Wax

Finally finished watching House of Wax. I had started to watch it a a few nights back when I first picked it up, and had only watched about 30 minutes of it until it annoyed me enough to shut it off. The best way to describe House of Wax, is that it is stupid, predictable, and completely BLOWS until people start getting killed. Then at least it is entertaining. If you can make it up to the first person dies, the rest of the movie is fast paced and worth watching. There is some farely gruesome shit… But just the same, the bar was raised by House of 1,000 Corpses and Devils Rejects. Anything else has one hell of a hard time keeping up. If they some how work out a sequel from this, piece of advice, don’t write the characters so fucking stupid and if you’re going to have two extremely hot chicks in it…MAKE THEM LOSE THEIR CLOTHING BEFORE THEY DIE.

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