Letter to The Editor Version

Every once and awhile I’ll feel the need to make my point heard in the local news rags. As such, I revised my original post, and made my point in the 200 words or less delegated to posts by Republicans *smirk*. Here is what I just sent off to the Warwick Advertiser and the Times Herald Record.

Last Sunday I took a walk into Memorial park and discovered the greatest memorial ever to Warwick, NY. It lacks the grandeur of the 9/11 or veterans memorial, so it is easy to miss. Walk to the rear of the park where the driveway ends, and read the dedication… “No Trespassing. Violators Will Be Prosecuted.”

Look to the left and see the graveyard of an abandoned playground with swing-less swing sets.

Look to the right and see Homestead Village, over-crowded with people, stop signs, and 25mph speed limits that are ignored every day. Look straight ahead, and see a weather-worn memorial to Warwick firefighters lost in the first World Wars.

Look beyond the neglected memorial and see the future of Warwick, one more up and coming townhouse development. Just don’t walk past the sign! I am sick of seeing farmland and forest paved every day to welcome new neighbors while the old ones are taxed into dereliction. Preservation elsewhere doesn’t justify desecration everywhere. Years from now when the taxes are too high, the town is too crowded, and the decision makers who sold our community off to the highest bidder are gone… where will you be?

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