Pffft….smells like roses.

So I heard this rumor the other night that Wal-Mart stores all over the country would be open at 5am for Black Friday (the busiest and most insane shopping day of the year) and one of the specials would be $100 off an Xbox 360. I still had the itch to get one and pondered being up that early, but in the end at 7:15am I ended up standing outside the service department at Middletown Volkswagen.

Long story short, they had my rear window replaced due to defective defroster strips, and the company tasked with replacing the window got down on their knees and blew the job. Instead of removing the window, they smashed it and peeled it out. Instead of cleaning out all the glass, they left it for me to do. So once I calmed down and removed the larger chunks, I headed off to Macaroni Grille down in Wayne, NJ with some friends for a pre-Thanksgiving feast. Thats when I realized that the drivers side door panel had been removed and reinstalled, the subsequent gap between the plastic molding and the steel frame of the door caused it to click every time I rested my arm on it. Since I normally rest my left arm on the door, this drove me insane in short order.

So this morning I get to Middletown VW, and after the service adviser lets me in I hand him a Solo cup full of the bits of shattered glass. The guy bent over backwards to help me out, took the keys and immediately had someone clean the rear of the car as well as fix my door. I was back out an hour or so after arriving, and the level of professionalism and courtesy I received from Middletown VW was unrivaled.

Can’t say the same for Triumph Auto Glass in Middletown. Years ago when I had accidentally glued the small metal bit which mounts the rear-view mirror to the windshield backwards (BM, M), they came out in their van, replaced the windshield after I had broken it, and left me with a shiny new windshield in very short order. I don’t know if this kid was in a rush or what, but you don’t do a half-assed job like that and leave shards of glass all over the car. What if I had a kid, and they cut their hands up? I wouldn’t have been at Middletown VW first thing, I would have been at my lawyers office.

All this aside, the service I’ve received from Middletown VW as well as the car itself have almost fully justified the switch from Mopar to VW.

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