Here I go again… Letter to The Editor.

Was reading the letters to the editor in my local rag the other day, The Warwick Advertiser. A local Warwick resident is laying blame on the Federal Government for the cost of energy. My response? Don’t stop there!

Just imagine sitting in your house, in your cotton shirt and the temperature is 72 degrees. If there is a chill in the house you raise the temperature to 74 degrees. You need some exercise, so you go for a swim in your outdoor heated pool. Afterwards, you relax in your outdoor hot tub. You need to run an errand so it’s out to your heated garage for your warm car.

This is the comfort that our President, his cabinet, the Senate and Congress have. They do not worry about the high cost of oil, gas and propane to heat their houses. They are all millionaires if not billionaires. They do not give a hoot about our needs and their policy making says so. They argue with each other about stupid stuff as our state and local social services are overwhelmed.

So as they sit in warm homes I go about adjusting my thermostat to 62 degrees for the day and turning my heating system completely off at night. My cat walks around like a frozen ice cube as I wear three layers of clothes to keep warm.

My response, who knows if they’ll print it, they skipped my last one.

I understand your situation… but your vitriol and sarcasm shouldn’t be limited to the Federal Government. I’ve lived in a 100 year old farm house for a little over 3 years now. My winters are far from comfortable as the heat tends to escape my humble abode before it can warm anything. I can’t afford to live in my own home town, so this is my stepping stone to someplace more affordable. You should blame your new neighbors who’ve continuously driven up the cost of living in Warwick to the point that ordinary folks like you or I cannot afford to live there as comfortably as we would like. Don’t forget the environmentalist movement whose infinite funding prohibits further domestic energy production and forces everything to cost more. Blame the 25 RINO (Republicans In Name Only) who tanked our recent attempt at a logical energy policy which would have allowed more domestic energy production. Blame the State and Local Governments which tax our energy out of reach. There are plenty of people to blame for the current energy situation, some elected, some not, but you’re right… all their thermostats are likely set a few notches higher than ours.

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