In case you all forgot…

In case you missed the widespread news coverage…

Today is the 64th anniversary of a date that should have lived in infamy, but now is as forgotten by the mainstream media and an obscene number of Americans as the morning of September 11th, 2001.

On December 7th, 1941 we were attacked by the Japanese at our naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 2400 Americans died in the suprise attack which pulled us into World War 2. Even now, 64 years later, we have a military presence in Japan.

I had a hard time noticing any real coverage of the anniversary besides a few heroes sitting down to breakfast at a VFW hall on TV. None of the major newspapers or Internet news sites have any coverage whatsoever. Hell, even Google has no special logo…a true sign that it doesn’t matter anymore.

Perhaps if we were annually reminded of how our greatest generation handled the attack and senseless slaughter of innocent Americans, it wouldn’t be as easy for spineless politicians to defile, degrade, and defame the next greatest generation who is actively defending freedom in Iraq.

I understand that some people think we don’t belong there, and they’re wrong. Thankfully those in power understand the threat, remember 12/7/1941 as well as 9/11/2001, and will do what is necessary to ensure that our lives and freedom endure.

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