Surgery took about a half hour this morning. Biggest holdup was due to the weather, the surgeon was late and so was a fair amount of the hospital staff. I’ve got about a week before the stitches come out, then I’m pretty much back to normal and can (hopefully) go back to my gym.

Icky details continue in the Extended Entry. Click if you dare.

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So yeah, know all those gross-out videos on the Internet or that Pantera video where they pop some huge fucking zit and squeeze a shitload of goop out?

Kinda similar. Skin on the back is real thick… Took several shots of pain-killer to actually make it so that the shit didn’t hurt. I’m definitely glad I couldn’t see what was going on I would have likely dry-heaved until I passed out.

Long story short, its apparently a common thing that oil-glands in skin will die, when they do they fill with goop and become cysts. The one removed from my back this morning was about the size of a golf-ball.

The needles delivering the painkillers were the most painful part, but there’s nothing like being wide awake while someone is carving you up with a scalple and you can’t feel it. Not a very pleasant experience.

So now I’m just waiting to hear if there is any bad news from the tests on the cyst that was removed, besides that I just get to take it easy SOME MORE.

This taking it easy shit has its limits.

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