Must be gettin old.

So today I go to pull out of my driveway, only car coming to my left is a Neon and he’s a ways off. I pull out and he’s on my bumper, then passing me over the double-yellow doing at least 90mph.

Flash back 3 years ago, RACE.


So I chase the guy down, get his plate number, and well… No cellphone. So much for calling ahead to the state police or Goshen PD.

So I just hang back, hoping to see the guy spin himself into a ditch out of his own stupidity. I used to own one of those things, past 70mph their acceleration is absolute shit, past 50 the handling is a big fat clumpy one.

Maybe if I still had my all-season performance tires on I would have fucked around, but after that accident a few weeks back which happened right in front of my house, my decision to tone down my driving style was reaffirmed.

There’s no fucking reason do be doing more than 2x the speed-limit in a 40 zone.

Yes, I know I said I caught up to him. Can’t get his plate number without seeing it. Ass.

BTW, if you read this, try and leave a comment… I’m getting tons of hits on the site but none of the comment traffic I used to… Kinda thinking my anti-blog-spam software got a little happy.

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