Hey now

Yea, so anyone happen to know the weatherman responsible for dropping to their knees and blowing the forecast for yesterday? Holy shit folks… I’m getting out of dinner, it was raining when I arrived… I get out and there’s already over an inch on the ground and it is falling damned heavy. Up until that point, every forecast I heard was rain. No point really following the weather anymore. Unless there’s an asteroid falling from the sky, I really don’t care.

Side note… if you want outstanding sushi, try out Park Place in Goshen. Just don’t order anything that is NOT sushi if you expect to be full.

Lastly… ABC Family is funny. They had this movie, “If Only” with Jennifer Love Hewitt in it… Good movie, but if I was 13 I’d seriously be violating a tube sock right now. Family my ass…lol.

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