So this morning at 10am my phone rings. It’s my ex-girlfriend and she’s audibly pissed off.

Seems someone is playing games, and I was on her list of people to accuse. I get interrogated and then that’s that.

Now I shouldn’t take it personally, I should let it go. I just knew it’d bug me the rest of the day if I didn’t nip it in the bud right now.

To make a long phone-call short, I call her back and unload on her. She’s accusing me of trying to hurt her ex? Fuck with her? After all this bullshit she put me through? I’m sure he’s going through the same sort of feelings I did, I couldn’t do that to someone.

That’s not how I am.

I let her know that if she ever calls me again I’ll charge her with harassment.

I used to care, after her phone-call this morning she’s just another face in my past.

On the up-side, my iO digital cable is working… Time to figure out this remote.

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