Feel like I’m camping out at the crossroads lately… Every choice I face is either A or B with a response required YESTERDAY. Some folks might appreciate less choice, thinking it makes things easier. I prefer having at least one or two more roads to take.

To say I’ve been stressed out lately would be an understatement… Seems that all the folks around me have their own problems and I’m left with a small cross to bear for each of them. Tack on my own issues and I’m left with a handful of hair and a bloody scalp.

I think it all started a good 6-8 months ago, when everything in my life seemed to be going fairly well. Then I hurt myself at the gym which including corrective surgery laid me up for about 3 months… Then I broke my hand which laid me up for another month… Then I had a tumor in my back removed which laid me up for another 2 months… Lastly I wreck my car which leaves me in the lurch for yet another month. Finally I’ve got the car back, I’m all healed up, and then a damned case of Bronchitis returns.

Tack on the drama at the office, drama at home, drama with peers… I need a damned vacation. Can’t say there was another time in my life where I’ve been perfectly prepared to just throw my hands in the air and run/drive away screaming.

Still, from unexpected sources I find a little peace and comfort. Guess I’ll just count my blessings and try to move past the curses.

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