Ramblings on a Saturday Morning…

So you fell in a vat of acid, got your skin bleached, and decided to become a super-villain. What, you couldn’t get work as a rodeo clown?

If you haven’t seen Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker, I highly recommend it. Make sure you watch the uncut release. They keep showing the cut version on HBO, it’ll do.

So I’m trying to play Warcraft this morning, and I’m lagged beyond belief.

I’m trying to check out some records on iTunes… Lagged beyond belief. I haven’t see a re-buffer on this system in YEARS.

This morning around 7:30 I was jarred awake by the alarm on my UPS unit, power was out. Great way to start a Saturday. Last time I woke this early on a Saturday some nitwit was calling to accuse me of being a fscking child…lol. What can I say, I’ve outgrown the phase where I ride a mechanical bull topless in room of drunken rednecks. Maybe I’m just losing my looks.

So I shut everything down, and go back to bed. Find out from the neighbor that a tractor trailer caught a telephone pole up the road. Few hours later, I’m on the phone with my office, Cable Internet is down…

All this shit because some communications firm was too fucking cheap to simply BURY THE GODDAMNED WIRES.

Go to wash the bathroom floor this morning and find the neighbor somehow managed to get blood in the bucket. I think his ideal decor would be shit brown and blood red. Toss in an Ionic Breeze and the guy’s place would look flawless.

Checked the tire pressure on the VW this morning… Front left, 25. Front right, 42. Rear left, 30. Rear right, 25. Car’s supposed to be 33 front, 42 rear. You’d think that a dealership would properly adjust the tire pressure after a $130 service.

So they killed Chef off of South Park. Apparently busting on Christians, Jews, and Muslims is perfectly fine, ragging on Scientology is a crime worthy of suspending the 1st Amendment. So South Park takes a jab at Tom Cruise and Scientology, he in turn gets the network to not air that specific episode anymore, and then Isaac Hayes quits in protest. I wouldn’t mind having enough money to be a Scientologist some day, that being said if I actually had that money I sure as hell wouldn’t invest it in a “religion” born of Man.

Debating a plan for the evening, its either American Bar Fight at the Tuscan or another trip to Q’s… Decisions, decisions…

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