Symptoms of a dying dream…

First a few basic points…

1.There is no point to drafting new law or increasing the punishment for a crime if the law is not properly or consistently enforced before any changes were made. Jumping the border is already illegal.
2.If the streets are packed with illegal immigrants who are not protected by our constitution or laws… FUCKING ARREST THEM. When more come out to protest, ARREST THEM TOO.

I started out the day by cursing at the television as I realized our elitist keepers latest ploy was to simply call everyone entering this country (illegal or not) immigrants.

No, those weren’t thousands of illegal immigrant felons marching… those were immigrants.

Kinda sucks if you worked your ass off and struggled to immigrate here legally.

What disgusts me more, is that my elected leader, the guy I voted into office twice because I believed the decisions he makes and supports will guarantee my security and prosperity… said that we can’t do it. The only people I’ve ever heard extol what this country and its citizens cannot do are Liberals. There is no opposition party. Both sides are working to divide this nation and conquer it for their own twisted endgame.

Any time someone has told me what I can’t do in this life, I’ve proven them wrong. Give me a rifle, some handcuffs, and permission to deport by force. Residents of the border-states already have the right idea. They’ve been told by the Liberals, the Media, and now George W Bush that what they are successfully accomplishing by nothing more than peaceful armed opposition cannot work.

As always, reality and politics are on opposite sides of the aisle.

The country didn’t come to a stop today despite the protests. Politicians are simply pandering for votes and more power which they do not deserve. Sadly, people are cattle and kooks like myself are largely ignored.

I’m a Conservative, always have been and always will be. That said, my elected leaders are no more traditional Conservatives than the mind-knumbing morons on the other side of the aisle are traditional Liberals. Our nation has been hijacked.

These protests are just one more symptom on the hospital chart of a dying dream.

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