Oh God….

While I wouldn’t expect Father Joe to run out in the streets to riot at the release of Da Vinci Code ala the Muslim rage at the cartoon depictions of Muhammed, the blind willingness to supress dissent and mislead is typical of modern religion and one of the main reasons I haven’t been to Church since I turned 18 and got some free will.

While I’ve lost faith in my elected leaders, I’m still a Conservative at heart and as such one of my frequent reads is National Review Online. One of the pundits had a commentary on their experience watching the Da Vinci Code and in a few words… it’s the Anti Christ.

Mind you, this elitist moron started out the article by bragging that he hadn’t even read the book, that he gave up for a bunch of knee jerk reasons I’d expect of the bleeding heart elite. After all, why attempt to logically discuss a point of view when you can shout it down and mislead your readers?

If the Da Vinci Code is anti anything, it’s anti Church. The modern church is nothing more than an overloaded topheavy bureaucracy attempting to push their own view of Christianity on the people of the world. Religion is an essential part of the proper moral upbringing of any human being, that said, you don’t need a church to practice religion. Ask the tree hugging Wiccans and Pagans, they’ve got along just fine without having to molest children or collect a tax known as a ‘tithe’ so you get to visit God when you die.

Some people have unquestionable faith in their religion, and immediately decry any attempt to discuss an alternate view of the faith. For whatever reason they cling to these beliefs as if their very lives and existence depend on it, ravenously destroying any dissent…. and then there are Muslim Extremists which save us the trouble of hearing them whine by blowing themselves up.

I have faith, I believe in God, as I was created in His image, I say GO SEE THE DAMNED MOVIE. I highly doubt that when you meet St.Peter, seeing a Tom Hanks film is going to send you on your way to see Lucifer.

That, and if you feel like eating a hamburger on Friday during Lent, make sure you get some bacon on it, alright? If you’re on your way to Hell might as well enjoy it.

Hate at the Movies

I don’t know about you, but I found the book entertaining. Whether or not Jesus had a wife, I really couldn’t care less. Doesn’t change how I feel about my God or Jesus. Some people just need to take a fucking pill.

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