Fuck Darfur.

There, I said it. Fuck Darfur.

I’ve about had it with these wealthy pricks like George Clooney picking their token cause while we’ve got brave Americans in harms way trying to bring a country back from an era of murder, rape, and torture.

Yeah, Iraq isn’t perfect. It pisses me off that these assholes who garner media attention with every blink will happily embrace the cause of people dying in a far off land that not even the UN has tagged genocide, while decrying every single fucking effort to bring freedom and peace to a people who haven’t known either in decades.

So again I say, fuck Darfur. If it’s such a goddamned problem, let the assholes who’ve pulled out of Iraq or outright stood against it take care of them. I feel for them, honestly, I do… But nothing says Hypocrite more than ignoring the fate of one people over another simply because the guy trying to solve the problem is a Republican.

Maybe we’ll all luck out and some friendly fire will spare us further insult from the guy who single handedly murdered the Batman franchise until Christian Bale came along.

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