My last commentary on November 7th.

November 7th, 2006 was a referendum on the Democratic Party and their Liberal Democrat base in the United States of America. They no more earned their seats in Congress than a two-bit dictator earns his seat of power on a single-candidate ballot.

The simple fact that the Republicans completely dropped the ball in regard to the election of 2006 is undeniable. We stand at a pivotal time in the history of this nation. Now more than ever we face a guerilla force the likes of which mankind has never seen. Make no mistake; September 11th, 2001 was a clear and unmistakable message to the west.

After 6 years of the Republican way to do things (be clear, I am not saying the Conservative way), the party of Roosevelt, the party of Kennedy, the party of Carter, the party of Clinton has been given the greatest opportunity in history to secure the sovereignty of this great nation.

Right now our economy is booming. Unemployment is low. Where we stand in Iraq is unclear, partly because of media spin, and partly because of the state of politics in this great land of ours. George W Bush and the powers that be had 6 years to get their message straight, and they failed.

Every day I hear another idea from the Democratic Party which leads me to believe that our best option is to cut and run. Redeploy to Okinawa. Redeploy to Alaska. I ask you my fellow Americans why in God’s name can we not redeploy to Baghdad and render the entire city to ash if that is what it takes to eliminate the hub of the Islamic-Fascist insurgency!?

If history has proven anything, when free people ignore the suffering of their neighbors, the suffering is eventually shared. We simply cannot ignore the plight of the Iraqi people as we have continuously done for the past 30 years in the name of politics. In 1993 we quit the war in Kosovo because we lost a handful of pilots. When we cut and run from Kosovo we sent a message to Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic-Fascist cohorts that America is a paper tiger incapable of putting up a fight worthy of those brave men and women who would be fighting. What sort of message would failure in Iraq send to our mortal enemies, even to the world?

European appeasers and dictators around the globe may have rejoiced at the news of a Democrat victory; however it is in this 2 year span before the 2008 elections that the Left has a chance to truly be great. They have a chance to further allow our economy to grow. They have a chance to eliminate the wasteful spending which has destroyed the balanced budget and ballooned the deficit.

In short, they have a chance to act on the Conservative ideas which got them elected despite the desires of their kook base and the Liberal elite. Mark my words, if there is even a shot glass of Conservative talent up for election in 2008, Washington will once again be a cold place for the Left.

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