Almost a month…

Well I made a New Years resolution to avoid politics for a year… I’ll try to state my opinion here WITHOUT being political.

Weather Channel Climatologist is pushing to decertify scientists who are skeptical of MAN MADE global warming.

Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

Is there any time in history when an opposition is silenced that it actually works? It seems to be the never-ending goal in this country to silence dissent when it comes to discussion on any topic. No argument, our way or no way. IMHO if there is no dissent in science, then it is not science – it is propaganda.

Is global warming taking place? Sure.
Did man cause it? Not likely.
Did man contribute to it? Perhaps.
Can man do anything about it? Yeah, right, when has man ever been able to trump Mother Nature?

Global Warming is a cycle. This winter, my area has seen no snow. There have been oddly warm days more than I can remember in recent history. This past summer once the heat wave broke, I didn’t need to use my air conditioner once. Does that mean the world is coming to an end due to the internal combustion engine? I doubt it, highly. When I was a little kid, I remember another Christmas without snow. I remember it because it stood out. I also remember blizzards in the years that followed.

A scientist of all people who wants to silence those with opposing viewpoints by removing their certification is obscene. She’s obviously forgotten why she became a scientist in the first place. I’d rather know I’m wrong than guess I am.

Regardless, if it is happening, mankind should learn how to adapt – not quarrel about whose fault it is. Maybe those old timers and ancestors who blamed everything beyond accepted understanding on God had something right?

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