Gears of War [***–]

Rumor has it this game is set to outrun Halo in total sales, as well as popularity. I’ll admit that when I saw it advertised all over the recent Gigantour plus after realizing that the producers fronted enough cash that Dave Mustaine planted this mega-million dollar hit next to tracks condemning establishment… I had about as much interest in this game as I would in that funny blue lint that always shows up in my naval after I wear a sweater. Still, the game is fairly straight forward – another exemplary example of just what the Xbox 360 can do graphically; however the monotony of run, duck, shoot, and maybe not get killed 20 times before the next checkpoint can get pretty aggravating. Another game I got close to beating but gave up after the 40th time I saw the pretty red skull I was glad I didn’t drop $60 on this thing. Rent it, buy it used, or steal it from that fat kid down the street… Not worth $60.

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