Over G Fighters [**—]

I’ll admit that my recent slew of FPS type games has worn away at the level of enjoyment I get from running around with a big gun and painting the asphalt red. Call it the curse of Gamefly, while I’d get a game or two every few months, now I can plow through the latest and greatest in rapid sequence and unless the game has a hook good enough to get my ass firmly anchored into the futon – it’s back in the mail before the 360 reaches room temperature. OGF’s an example of wasted potential. The graphics are top notch. The planes, exquisitely detailed. The controls? Sluggish as shit. The gameplay? Monotonous. Simply put, every mission involves flying out to a target, shooting it the moment you get radar lock, then flying back to base. Evading an inbound missile is possible, but the best you can do is ‘wing it’ and hit retry if you get exploded. Regardless of aerial or ground targets, the game is about fun as masturbation with sandpaper.

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