Dumb and Dumber.

So I tried to watch Talladega Nights tonight. I made it about 25 minutes before the lack of humor just made further viewing as pointless as the idiotic double-standards of Nascar. Their selective enforcement of the rules has continuously shaped the sport, putting the cars in place that they want to win. Hendrick has been dominating this season, so what do they do? Put their best drivers – the 24 and 48 – at the back of the field because their front fenders were not within the magical tolerances set forth by Nascar.

I’m sick of this shit. If a car doesn’t pass inspection, you don’t fuck the team, you don’t fuck the drivers, you don’t fuck their fans – you point out what is wrong and give the team one attempt to fix it. Nascar has had a grey area in every Goddamned car and rulebook they’ve ever used – and it needs to stop. Just like they tolerated the numerous ‘debris’ cautions caused by roll-bar foam tossed from the cars, I highly doubt that every single car there conforms to the same peckerhead standards that Nascar wants.

Nascar either needs to supply the bodies, or measure them with tools that do not leave room for human error. They’ll never do that though, cos if they did, well… even they wouldn’t be able to cheat anymore and we just can’t have that. Fuck wiggle room. The big 3 automakers pump out hundreds of thousands of bodies designed by computers every year that are virtually identical.

The fact that Nascar has long since split from the manufacturer supplied bodies of yesterday to the hand-made bodies of today which allow THEM to cheat at will is a farce. I tell ya, first they switch to TNT where they must remind us of their commitment to Drama with a commercial break every 10 minutes – then they continue to pull this shit on the best and most respected names in the sport.

You don’t want Hendrick to win? Fine. Make them drive Toyota. Cut the shit Nascar… Stock car racing hasn’t had this little to do with actual sportsmanship since the drivers ran moonshine.

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