Wide Open Racing, Please.

Week before last, TNT decided to cut the number of commercial breaks – integrate the ones they did show into the race screen – and move all the statistics to the bottom of the screen. Odd? Yes. Outstanding concept? Absolutely.

More than ever, TNT is the WORST network for NASCAR coverage. Every 10 minutes or 12 laps – commercial break. 3-4 ads for everything from TNT original series to other useless crap. 75% of the time, the commercials are cut into by the local network for their damned Optimum Online ads. It’s annoying. Whether it’s green flag or yellow flag, it seems like we’re watching MORE commercials than racing.

God forbid you’re doing chores, if the timing is off you might not even see the race. I encourage NASCAR to either drop TNT as a network for covering NASCAR races or bring back the Wide Open Racing format. Quite honestly, with that many commercials I’d rather listen to the radio broadcast.

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