All men aren’t pigs.

I’m sick of it.

I’m sick and tired of men being portrayed as simplistic idiots. I won’t buy something if it portrays a man as an idiot.

That said – I doubt I’ll be buying Trojan’s any time soon.

With Condoms in Particular, Local Stations Can Say No

I applaud the stations that decided to not show this ad, despite some idiotic reasons which have nothing to do with MY reason for not liking the ad. My reason for not liking the ad? It implies that all men are pigs – but if you use a Trojan – you’re a handsome gentleman.

I see the ads where the pizza delivery guy in the minimum wage job driving the jalopy has one up on the guy living in the big house ordering the pizza one too many times. If the ad had shown a bar full of men surrounded by dozens of Labrador Retrievers, there’d likely be a riot with the National Organization for Women at the forefront!

Want people to buy condoms? Advertise a screaming kid. Advertise someone having wild sex while wearing them. Advertise a a couple talking about how they didn’t even feel like it was there. I’m not going to be insulted into spending my money on your product. I’m sure there are just as many women out there who either don’t care or will say nothing when a guy doesn’t wear a rubber but you don’t see them portrayed as dogs in prime time TV.

I’d rather be a pig.

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2 Responses to All men aren’t pigs.

  1. Civ Iren says:

    I totally agree. I too can,t stand all the commercials showing men as morons and brainless. I even remember a commercial were animals were more intelligent than men. This has to stop. Can someone out there start a website to unite men to boycott products which put down men. I will spread the word.

  2. Marlin says:

    Not a bad idea to compile advertisers and products which disparage men to market their products. I’ll start a list here – if anyone happens to find more, drop me a line.

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