Give me a BREAK

So I finally get my car back from the dealer last Friday. I didn’t do anything over the weekend, so it just sat there in the driveway minding its own business. Today I get in, start the car, and as I’m going to work a bug hits the windshield.

I hit the windshield washer button, I hear the sound – but nothing comes out of the nozzles. I test the rear washer and it works fine. Then I see washer fluid spitting out of the front of the car. Great. I figure that while working on my car last week, someone bumped something loose.

VW checks the car – a mouse chewed threw the line… God help me. IT’S IN THE HOOD. Why the hell would the thing squeeze IN TO THE HOOD?

Now before y’all email me and say ‘well antifreeze tastes and smells sweet’ I say to you – NO SHIT. I figure it’s probably the washer fluid / antifreeze I’ve been using on my last 2 cars – orange Rain-X. It’s the de-icer one which likely has more antifreeze in it than other varieties (like the blue stuff). My first car at the current house was a Neon, and it never had any mouse problems – I only used the blue stuff. Now since my car has a front and rear washer nozzle it would make sense that the scent of the fluid could get all over the front and the back of the car – resulting in the mouse nests.

I fixed this problem myself, and when I get the official VW parts I’ll just take them and install them myself as well. I’ll also head over to Gander Mt and pick up some predator urine if they have it… Hopefully it’ll make my car a little less attractive to those mouse bastards.

All that said – it’s not the thing that truly pissed me off today.

What truly pissed me off, is that while I was troubleshooting the car issues, I noticed that someone had keyed my passenger door. Door was fine after I picked it up at the dealer, as I did my traditional walkaround. I figure someone keyed it at the Vernon Inn on Friday. The parking lot had been packed – REALLY packed. So I parked along with someone else I know perpendicular to a row of cars. That row of cars had enough clearance behind them to back out of their spots to leave. I figure some drunken dickweed was upset that they could no longer simply pull straight out due to our parking job and decided to thank me personally.

I don’t get the whole keying a car thing. It makes no sense to me, as I’m neither that petty nor that juvenile. If you piss me off I’m either going to ignore you or just lay you out, not fuck with your car. So that’s that. I’m buying a spare truck that I won’t care if it gets dinged, dented, scratched, or smashed. I doubt I’ll be driving to the Inn any time soon – I sure wish I had seen these assholes do it though…

Give me a BREAK.

Update – apparently peppermint oil or Fox urine will keep the mice at bay.  I’ll try the peppermint oil first.

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