SCC Episode 3 – The Turk

“I swallowed a bug” That’s what I was waiting for Summer Glau to say during the whole episode.  I have the feeling that they’ve almost dumbed down her character, I mean knowing to knock on the door, but then not opening it?  Hello?

The violence has also been watered down, while Sarah wasn’t the killer – she tried and failed in T2 – burning down the house?  I’m pretty sure that’s going to lead Andy Good to build an even better system that’s not based on a set of Xbox and PS2 systems daisy chained together.  Something that’ll become self aware and yada yada yada.

The whole Terminator ‘skinning’ thing was kind of cool, but I can see it getting pretty dumb pretty quick.  How many scientists don’t run for the hills the second the killing machine cops a squat in his jacuzzi tub to grow a new face?  I’m curious how he’ll pull off the ‘reconstructive surgery’ bit in the next episode – I don’t think Skynet has health insurance.

SC was less whiny in this episode, but I think it’s about time Cameron started acting like a super-intelligent killing machine instead of a toaster with a photographic memory and the speaking ability of River before she revealed the origin of the Reevers.  Firefly aside, she is growing into the role, and I’m sure she can pull it off even better – but by this episode she should know what “bitch whore” means considering in 1985 the T-800 had a list of retorts to choose from when confronted about the smell in his room.

John – he’s still forgettable.  I haven’t seen a real defining moment for his character yet… what can I say, I just don’t feel the frustration he’s attempting to portray.  Makes me glad it’s called the ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles.’

Overall though, the show still has promise, and I’m eager to see what directions it will take the franchise.  Not quite hooked yet though.

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