Effing sheep.

I can’t believe all the hubhub about the Goddamned primaries today. Who really cares. You’ve got two people tearing at eachother’s throats for the presidential nomination, news agencies and highly paid celebrities at near orgasm over the utopian future that neither will provide, it’s all a load of bullshit.

Look, when I voted for Dubya back in 2000 I figured I was getting a President who’d get us off the world stage, get more money in my pockets, and do something to cut the size of government. I had no idea a bunch of wackadoo terrorist pricks were going to fling a monkey-wrench full of jet fuel and innocent bystanders into the mix. In the time since, the only parts of this country that have been improved are the walls of the Pentagon and that field out in PA.

Ground zero is still a goddamned crater, Americans are still at eachothers throats over the fiasco in Washington, the dollar is worth absolute shit which in turn is driving the cost of living up (gasoline not only costs more, it also takes more dollars to sate the coffers of Ali Baba over in the dunes) and negating any benefits the tax cuts had. We’re nose diving into a depression here, Dubya blankly tells us there’s no recession, and in the mean time we’ve got a new gaggle of idiots who are just as clueless and unqualified to fix a damned thing as FEMA and the politicians in Louisiana were during Katrina.

Personally, I’d like to buy a house and be able to afford my car payments as well as a tank of gas in my pickup – in reality it isn’t going to happen. How any of us are accepting anything other than real life solutions to the problems our democratically elected morons drop on our head every 4 years is beyond me.

Frankly I’d like to see celebrities like Jessica Alba, George Clooney and Michael Moore cast in Survivor: Darfur and laugh as they experience a quality of life that makes my 400 square foot apartment in onion country look like a goddamned mansion in Bel Air. Nothings going to get fixed, nothing’s going to improve, the American Dream has been bought and paid for by the people we owe our burgeoning national debt to. God forbid they get wise and come to collect.

Obama, Clinton, McCain, they’re all a bunch of useless meat sacks who are so far separated from the reality of the average American, illegal and legal alike – that they can’t possibly affect our future in a positive way. We need another tea party, only this time it involves emptying the bank accounts of these rich fucks into Mt.Pinatubo. Take our politicians, PLEASE.

I’m sure America could be great again, I’m sure that the dream can still be attained – but there’s no way in Hell it will happen for the average Joe like myself while we’re all arguing over people who couldn’t balance a checkbook, let alone a federal budget. Everyone seems to “know” what is best for us but all these jerks do is screw with our lives like we’re all characters on some cheesy soap opera to a round of applause from the all too useful idiots.

So here we are, worse off at every level than we were in 1992 let alone 2000, and the best thing we’ve heard from any candidate is “hope.” Fuck hope. Hope is a distraction. Hope is when you breathe through your mouth to avoid the stink that is permeating this country at every fucking level. I don’t need hope. I need government off my back, I need these idiotic police actions across the globe to end, I need the people that work here illegally to either shit or get off the pot, I need no more ideas that involve taking more money away from me, and I need to be able to afford a gallon of gas without relying on some overpriced golf-cart because the dollar bill in my pocket is worth more than the paper I wipe my ass with.

Get me a candidate who can not only promise me that, but actually pull it off – and I’ll consider voting again. Until then, what’s the point, all you fucking morons care about are a black guy, a woman, and a former POW. Maybe if I had a couple million in the bank I could afford to hope, but I don’t. I’m too busy living to hope.

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