Checking out the new grocery store…

So the big news in Warwick today is that a Price Chopper has opened nearly across the street from its main competitor – Shop Rite.

I had some shopping to do, so I figured ‘why not?’

Nice parking lot, nice wide aisle, decent selection of products, pricing is… not all that impressive.

Sure, they had a bunch of nice deals, but they were mainly for store brand products.  The meat selection looked good, but their burgers and steaks are HUGE.  That’s fine and dandy, but why spend $20 for 8 big ass burgers at PC when I can spend $8 for 8 fresh ground quarter pounders at Shop Rite?  Everything’s bright, and clean, but perhaps one day when I’m not towing along my 4 year old I’ll get a better look around.  I also noticed – no dark chocolate hersheys baking powder… WTF?  I didn’t get to see if they had a gluten free section either.

My first impression is that PC has a VERY large hill to climb if they expect to threaten SR.  The only supermarket I think that will be threatened is A&P in Vernon, which is very similar to PC in price, selection and size, and has plenty of NY plates in the lot every time I go.

I really don’t care for the ‘no turn on red’ crap leaving the lot either.  The visibility looks adequate for me, but then again local drivers are such retards I wouldn’t want to put money on them NOT having a dozen wrecks a day due to some impatient idiot.

My prediction, yuppies will go to PC, everyone else will go to SR, and A&P will continue to scrape by.

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