Decided to finally cave in and join the smart-phone crowd… I’d had an iPhone 3G through my office for some time but I generally do not use it since AT&T’s reception is utter crap unless you happen to live somewhere OTHER than where I need the phone. Contract was up on my Moto flip, and while I did like the iPhone, and Verizon will likely have one soon… I generally root for the underdog and consider Steve Jobs to be an even bigger peckerhead than our current presidential administration, but I digress…

Initially I planned on a Motorola Droid, but had to put that off due to a PITA sales person who put commission above customer satisfaction at the Middletown, NY Verizon store. I ended up using the Goshen, NY Verizon store which didn’t hesitate to help me. I checked out the Motorola, then I checked out the new Incredible by HTC, picking that one in the hopes that the newest, fastest android phone may get me a few more miles than the Motorola version which has been around for some time.

Since I’m already used to an iPhone interface, it took a bit to get used to the interface of the Incredible, but thankfully I can still flip back and forth with my finger through various apps and widgets. The thing that threw me off to start though was that the home screen is the central page, and then I can scan 2 or 3 pages left and right.

I prefer the email application on the iPhone over the Incredible, as standard email (which is synced with my office Exchange server) and gMail are 2 different applications, and I can’t get one page that just tells me what is going on with all 4 of my email accounts… maybe there’s an app for that, who knows.

All of the apps are very responsive, the camera is quite nice (built in camcorder is spiffy too) – not too thrilled about the storage but I can always put in a bigger SD card if I need it.

I figure I’ll be continuously tweaking this thing – but so far I’m pleased with the purchase. It cost me $150 ($250 up front, waiting for my mail-in rebate to come back).

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