Only in NY.

So NY now has the highest tax on cigarettes in the nation, the average cost of a pack outside of NYC is $10.  This is for your own good says the Government – just ignore the millions of dollars in revenue they are using to fund anything BUT campaigns to stop smoking, cancer research, etc… you know, things to actually HELP smokers.  So smokers are quitting, as they always do – there will always be a very SMALL contingent that actually quits due to price.  These pale and pasty fuckers now walk out into the sunlight and realize, ‘hey, I’m a pale and pasty fucker’ so they decide to go tanning.

Today I go to renew my tanning pass, and find a 10% tax has been placed on it.  That’s right folks, New York State is taxing light.

Only in New York would a blind man place a tax on LIGHT.

Sure, it’s due to all of the links between skin cancer and tanning (editors note: radiation causes cancer, it doesn’t matter where the fuck it comes from) – and if you believe that tale woven by the bankrupt gaggle of idiots in Albany, have you heard about the tax on cigarettes?

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