I tell you, nothing pisses me off more than those idiotic SOB’s who don’t pull over for an emergency vehicle. I’m on the way in today, I see a State Trooper, then I hear a siren. I look around and see an ambulance headed towards me. I’m already in the intersection, so once I clear it I pull off the road and let it pass. Really simple thing to do, right?

Continuing on my way, I’ve got this gray Mazda wagon behind me driven by the aforementioned moron. Behind him, I see a Mercury SUV with the blue flashing light on the dash approaching. What can I say, after 4 rear end collisions, I pay attention to my mirrors. Anyhow, I see the SUV coming up on the wagon, and pull over. The wagon starts to pull over too, then proceeds to pull out and pass me with the SUV close behind.

All the way up into Goshen, the SUV is still behind the Mazda, who is either willfully ignorant or voted for Obama (wait… nm) and eventually the SUV pulls off towards the fire house while the Mazda continues on its merry.

Now I’ve dealt with both ends of the spectrum – the emergency worker who is conscious that they may not drive like a tool just because they have a light on their dash and somewhere to go – and then I’ve got the redneck trailer trash SOB’s that will fly up on my rear bumper with more flashing lights than a Vegas casino, high beams on, and just about force me out of the way to proceed on their merry.

Both cases, even though the latter generally TICKS ME OFF, I get out of the way. Is it REALLY that hard to do?

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