I don’t miss Fox

Honestly, this pissing match between Cablevision and Fox really doesn’t matter to me.

For starters, Cablevision – I really don’t see the need to set the startup channel on the box (which I have set to Disney for my children) to be changed to the ALERT message automatically.  Being woken up the day the BS starts by a confused 6 year old who doesn’t know what it means is a little disconcerting.

As for Fox, I get it – you want more money. Here’s a thought, do more to earn it.  I don’t follow sports, the Fox shows I watch aren’t anything that I cannot view elsewhere or wait for the DVD release to see, and the nightly news can be seen on any other channel.  For years I’ve seen Fox get some really great shows cancelled.  Firefly.  Terminator.  Dollhouse.  Family Guy.  Drive. Tru Calling.  I could go on and on.  This whole mess is almost poetic.  After all these years of Fox cancelling my favorite shows, they’ve finally gotten themselves cancelled!

Fox has a few hits right now,  plus MLB, and decided to play their hand to get more money out of Cablevision.  They’ve even cut off Hulu feeds of their shows to folks who use Optimum Online.

It’s stupid, it’s childish, it will backfire, and in the end – i’ve got 299 other channels, DVR, Netflix Instant, Hulu, and oh yeah – THE WORLD OUTSIDE.  Who cares about fox?  I don’t.

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