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Ever since I switched from the Blu brand e-cigarette to the standard 510 model with a separate atomizer/catridge setup, I have been struggling to find the best way to deliver smoke juice to the atomizer so I can get the best delivery of vapor with each drag.  Initially, I became frustrated with trying to get the traditional wicking method since I found that fluid was just staying in the poly fill and not being absorbed by the wick in the atomizer.  I ended up wasting fluid.  So then I began dripping, effectively dripping several drops of fluid directly onto the atomizer which would get me 8 or 9 drags before I needed to add more.

Now I vape all day, so constantly opening up the cartridge and adding fluid was a major pain in the ass.  I tried using so called ‘drip tips’ which had larger holes on the business end allowing the ability to drip directly onto the atomizer – this worked but it lessened the resistance on each drag, negatively affecting the experience.  After looking around last night in google for ‘the best wicking method for a 510’ I found a post (the link evades me at the moment) and one of my fellow vapor-nerds came up with a rather ingenious plan…

First, you’ll need an empty 510 cartridge, some poly fill, smoke juice, and here’s the key – a clicky pen that you don’t need anymore.

1. Remove the spring from the clicky pen, and slide it on top of the input end of the 510 cartridge so it intersects the narrow width of the cartridge.

2. Snip the ends off the spring so that you can gently slide it down into he cartridge about 2 mm.

3. Fill the cartridge up with smoke juice until it meets the spring.

4. Add some poly fill on top of the cartridge, and if necessary add 1 or 2 drops to it.  You don’t need much poly, just enough to keep the smoke juice from pouring out and flooding the atomizer.

5. Press the cartridge into the atomizer, and vape away.

Essentially what you’ve got is a poor man’s auto-drip setup.  I can vouch that it works VERY well.  I’ve tried it on both my standard (3 ohm) and low (1.6 ohm) resistance atomizers.  The vapor on the low-resistance is amazing, however it burns the juice up much faster as well as the battery on the 510.  I’ve found that on a standard resistance 510 atomizer, there’s plenty of vapor, more than enough for my preference at least.

Here’s a link to the original post: ADP Mod

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